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The Creep Alert’s Affordable and Customizable Drink Spiking Test Cards are an Effective Tool for Instant Detection of Date Rape Drugs and Help Students Stay Safe



The Creep Alert drink spiking detection cards are ideal for Study Abroad departments and invaluable for students. Many countries allow the consumption and purchase of alcohol at age 18. In a 2016 study released by On Call International, an organization that assists international travelers with medical and travel emergencies, a survey was released regarding students who recently traveled abroad.

The On Call International study found the following:

“Half of college students who consume alcohol admitted to drinking more abroad than in the U.S., as well as engaging in many other risky behaviors.”

According to college students who have studied abroad from 2014-2016, not only did 50% of respondents say they drank more alcohol while studying abroad, but one in nine (11%) said they “blacked out” more frequently while drinking abroad than in the U.S.

Study abroad students who binge drink make poor decisions and are vulnerable to sexual assault, alcohol poisoning, and other threats according to the CDC.

According to the report, study abroad students also engage in other risky behavior other than drinking alcohol. As it relates to risks involved with drinking, it is recommended that study abroad students carry several Creep Alert detection cards to protect themselves against drink spiking in a foreign country.

Several universities are providing Creep Alert products to all study abroad students. Contact us today to learn about bulk discounts for universities.


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College campuses all across America experience a period of time that begins at the start of fall semester and ends around Thanksgiving break when sexual assaults of all types on college campuses spike. Freshman females are the most vulnerable.

More than 50% of college sexual assaults occur in either August, September, October, or November6.

Freshman females are often targeted as they acclimate to a new environment, have less parental supervision, and may participate in consuming alcohol as they meet new people.

College women are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted than robbed7.

Not only are the customized Creep Alert drink spiking cards affordable and effective at detecting and preventing drug facilitated sexual assault (DFSA), the cards are an excellent awareness tool.

Every year, approximately 293,000 Americans become victims of sexual assault8 Of those cases, an estimated 35.4% are victims of DFSA, or Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault, approximately 104,000 individuals9

Many of these crimes happen in bars and clubs, where drugs can be surreptitiously slipped into an unsuspecting victim’s drink. Common date rape drugs include GHB and Ketamine. Unfortunately, many drug facilitated sexual assault (DFSA) victims know the perpetrator.

Adding psychotropic drugs to someone’s drink to exploit that person for any reason is a form of violence

The size of a business card, the Creep Alert is a unique tool that ignites conversations about sexual assault issues among the student body and serves as a reminder to “STAY SAFE,” avoid binge drinking, and to take immediate action if you see someone who may have consumed too much alcohol or appears to be drugged. The Creep Alert cards are customized at no charge to communicate a unique message for each university regarding sexual assault issues.

Title IX is a federal law guaranteeing that every student has access to an education free from sexual harassment and sexual violence, including sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or stalking. Title IX university offices warn that if an individual is incapacitated due to alcohol or drugs, the individual is not able to give consent for sexual activity. Universities also encourage students to be active bystanders and assist in preventing sexual misconduct by taking actions to safely intervene.

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Student government leaders working in conjunction with department of public safety university officials have reached out to the Creep Alert. Working in partnership, we have customized drink spiking detection cards and coasters to help maintain safer college campuses. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you!