The Creep Alert for Spring Break Safety

Stay Safe on Spring Break with The Creep Alert’s Affordable and Easy-to-Use and Carry Drink Spiking Detection Cards.

Spring break is known as a time for students to have fun and let go of academic pressures for awhile. Having fun while staying safe is the goal. Drink spiking happens in bars, at parties, on college campuses, during spring break, and on dates. Incidents of sexual assault, sexual violence and spiked drinks peak during spring break. Keeping yourself and your friends safe is a real concern.

The Creep Alert advocates the following tips to protect yourself and your friends while on Spring Break:

Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be drugged/spiked.

Watch your drink being poured and order it yourself.

Do not leave your drink unattended. When in doubt, pour it out.

Use a buddy system and check on your friends throughout the evening.

“We go together. We leave together. No friend left behind.”

If you feel that someone has been drugged or consumed too much alcohol, don’t leave them alone. Alert others around you to get help immediately. Keep your friend by your side at all times, and do your best to keep them awake and alert.

Be prepared, stay alert and watch out for your friends!

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 11% of Spring Breakers drink to the point of blacking out or passing out. For alcohol poisoning, keep this number in mind: five drinks for men and four drinks for women (all within two hours).

A commonly cited statistic of the “It’s On Us” campaign states that one in four women and one in 16 men are victims of sexual assault during their college careers. Additionally, a Justice Department report claimed that 80 percent of rapes were committed by perpetrators known to the victims. It’s important to always stay in groups, and to ensure that at least one member of that group is sober at all time throughout the night. Everyone deserves the opportunity to have fun on Spring Break while being safe.

The Creep Alert fits conveniently into a phone pocket on the back of a smart phone. It’s a must have for Spring Breakers! Creep Alert cards are maintained in stock and available for immediately delivery. Order today!