The Creep Alert for Night Life and Ladies Night Out

Stay Safe on Your Night Out with The Creep Alert’s Affordable and Easy-to-Use and Carry Drink Spiking Detection Products

Don't let a "creep" ruin your night or your life. Stay safe and have fun when going out by being aware of the dangers of drink spiking, which can render a person completely helpless, defenseless, and vulnerable.

Every year, approximately 293,000 Americans become victims of sexual assault8 Of those cases, an estimated 35.4% are victims of DFSA, or Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault, approximately 104,000 individuals9 Many of these crimes happen in bars and night clubs, where psychotropic drugs can be surreptitiously slipped into an unsuspecting victim’s drink. This is a form of violence.

Young women between the ages 16 and 24 are four times more likely to be slipped GHB without their knowledge (and potentially raped) than any other age group2. For college students, almost 25% of sexual assault victims are sorority members, whereas only 14% of victims were non-sorority members1.

Common date rape drugs include GHB and Ketamine. GHB is a clear liquid that can be made from common household chemicals and along with Ketamine, is tasteless and odorless. Unfortunately, many drug facilitated sexual assault (DFSA) victims know the perpetrator.

The size of a business card, the Creep Alert is a unique tool that detects GHB and Ketamine. Don’t let a “creep” ruin your night out. Stay safe and in control with the Creep Alert drink spiking detection cards.

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For night club owners and managers, the Creep Alert coasters are a great way to discretely keep patrons safe and are completely customizable with your establishment’s logo and messaging. Many night clubs are already using the coasters to create a safe environment where patrons will not feel vulnerable to drink spiking threats from GHB and Ketamine.

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Customized Coasters for Night Clubs