The Creep Alert for International Travel

Stay Safe on Your Vacation with The Creep Alert’s Affordable and Easy-to-Use and Carry Drink Spiking Detection Cards

Anyone can be affected by drink spiking anywhere in the world. Whether you are traveling to Prague, New Zealand, or the Caribbean Islands, stay safe with the Creep Alert drink spiking detection products. Affordable and easy-to-use and carry, the Creep Alert detects GHB and Ketamine, two of the most common date rape drugs, which are colorless, tasteless, and odorless. Because GHB can be made using common chemicals found in a typical home, it has become today’s date rape drug of choice.

In the UK, drink spiking happens often enough that the National Health Service has launched official warning campaigns to protect the public.When traveling abroad, both men and women can be targets of drink spiking for the following reasons:

To impair one’s judgement as a distraction from theft.

To physically impair someone in preparation for a robbery.

To incapacitate someone before a sexual assault.

A victim of sedative-hypnotic date rape drugs can be incapacitated for hours with symptoms of memory loss, vomiting, blackouts, slurred speech, and extreme sluggishness. Imagine losing consciousness and being totally helpless while a sexual predator has free reign to commit a variety of crimes. This is certainly a scenario to avoid to all times, especially when on vacation in a foreign country.

Giorgio Fadda is the VP of the International Bartender’s Association which represents members from 65 countries. He was quoted in World Nomads as saying, “The tragic phenomenon is spreading. Adding psychotropic substances to another person’s drink is a form of violence, and one of many ways to control, manipulate, and bend the will of the person.”


The Creep Alert advocates the following tips to protect yourself and your friends while on vacation or international travel:

Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be drugged/spiked.

Watch your drink being poured and order it yourself.

Do not leave your drink unattended. When in doubt, pour it out.

Travel with someone you trust and use the buddy system to look out for each other.

Adhere to a system that says, “We go together. We leave together. No friend left behind.”

If you think you’ve been spiked, notify someone you can trust, such as bar management, security personnel, or the local authorities and paramedics.

Get to a safe location and do not accept a ride from someone you do not know.

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