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If Rebel Wilson Was A Victim of Drink Spiking, Can It Happen to You?
Dec 24th, 2018

There are many women and men out there who I’m sure may not necessarily have been a victim of sexual assault, but have consumed a drink which had been spiked with an illicit drug. I’ve had friends in college who have felt like this happened to them because it was very unlikely that after a few sips one would feel super disoriented almost to the point of blacking out. About a year ago, I remember reading an article about the Pitch Perfect movie star Rebel Wilson being drugged at a nightclub.  This well-known Australian actress and comedienne has said in the past that she doesn’t take drugs and rarely drinks alcohol. One night out, Rebel only made it through a third of her drink at a trendy night club before realizing something was amiss. Rebel said she managed to get home in time “before it really hit me.”  See the tweets embedded in this post by Rebel from March of 2016.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this same sort of thing happen quite often in college and it’s a shame that it occurs without being addressed or reported. One of the reasons is because the most common date rape drugs like GHB and Ketamine are completely eliminated from your system within 12-24 hours, which makes drink spiking notoriously difficult to detect after the fact.  By the time someone awakes and realizes what has happened, it’s almost too late for there to be any proof of the crime.  Many individuals also fail to report instances like these out of embarrassment or loss of memory.

In many instances, a young woman or man will be drugged by someone we commonly call the “creep.” However, sometimes the perpetrator is not successful in sexually assaulting their victim because a friend steps in and helps the victim or some other circumstance occurs. This is why there are many situations where individuals may not have been victims of sexual assault but were still a victim of drink spiking.

x`In order to avoid situations where there is the potential of drink spiking, I can’t stress enough the importance of a detection tool. Yes there are many precautions to take like staying close to your friends who you trust, not leaving your drink unattended, etc. However, I truly believe that if Rebel Wilson would have carried the inexpensive but very powerful Creep Alert drink spiking detection card, she would not have been a victim. Furthermore, Rebel could have avoided this situation all together and quite possibly found out who this “creep” was who spiked her drink and alerted authorities.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be on Rebel’s bad side especially with that strong intimidating attitude she has… lol. Overall, I hope this post sheds some light on the fact that if drink spiking can happen to Rebel Wilson at a trendy nightclub, it could certainly happen to you so please protect your drink with The Creep Alert!