The Creep Alert for Law Enforcement and Campus Safety & Security

The Creep Alert’s Affordable and Customizable Drink Spiking Test Cards are an Effective Tool for Deterring Sexual Assault as Determined by Campus Law Enforcement Officers Across America.


Many university police and departments of public safety across America are deploying the Creep Alert customized drink spiking cards as a unique detection and communication tool to prevent drug facilitated sexual assault (DFSA). City and local police agencies are also deploying the Creep Alert cards and coasters during community outreach. The Creep Alert is one of the few tools that actually aids in detection and prevention by serving as a reminder to be cautious and safe.

The Creep Alert detects the following common date rape drugs:



Why is GHB the date rape drug of choice? Click here to learn more

Young women between the ages 16 and 24 are four times more likely to be slipped GHB without their knowledge (and potentially raped) than any other age group2.

Click Below Article for Link to Article featuring Idaho State University Director of Public Safety Lewis Eakins discussing Campus Safety issues and THE CREEP ALERT.

ISU Article

Why are Campus Law Enforcement Agencies and Departments of Public Safety Using the Creep Alert?The Creep Alert detection card is the size of a business card. The most common response by students is, “what a cool idea!” Students are immediately drawn to the card and find it easy to carry and use and are eager to spread the word. Almost immediately after handing out the cards, campus law enforcement discovers that discussion about the cards has gone viral. For example, Greek Life students will no longer choose to spike a drink or punch at a party when the vast majority of students are aware of the threat and can actually detect the threat in real time.

How are Campus Law Enforcement Agencies and Departments of Public Safety and Security Using the Creep Alert?

Campus police and departments of public safety have branded the Creep Alert detection cards with their university and law enforcement logos to communicate a unique message to their students. See example below.

Detection cards are handed out to students during “Party Patrol,” National Night Out, Spring break, and sexual assault awareness events.

References from other university law enforcement and public safety and security departments as well as a lab test report are available upon request.

Greek Life students are also given detection cards, especially sorority members as they are targeted more frequently and are more likely to be sexually assaulted.

What Percentage of Sorority Students are Sexually Assaulted Compared to Non-Sorority Students?

Young women between ages 16 and 24 are four times more likely to be slipped GHB without their knowledge (and potentially raped) than any other age group2.

Almost 25% of sexual assault victims are sorority members, whereas only 14% of victims were non-sorority members1. Click here to learn more

Benefits of Using The Creep Alert Detection Cards

Awareness leads to deterrence and prevention of sexual assault. This point cannot be emphasized enough. Whenever campus law enforcement hands out their customized drink spiking detection cards or coasters, a buzz immediately starts to grow among the students.

The buzz becomes viral as students begin to carry the detection cards in their mobile phone pockets and share information about the cards on social media.

Any student on campus that is spiking drinks at a party or considering such an action, is instantly discouraged from doing so. The risk of being caught is too high.

Detection cards educate and empower students. Predators are deterred from spiking drinks, punch, etc…

The threat of being sexually assaulted due to drink spiking is greatly reduced as alert students use the detection cards to protect themselves and their friends.

Two test pads for GHB and two test pads for Ketamine are provided with each card.


The Creep Alert is an affordable crime prevention tool for all budgets and is being rapidly adopted by college campus police departments across America. The graphic design services required to create a customized detection card is provided at no charge. Lead times are approximately three weeks. Contact us today for a quotation and to learn more about how The Creep Alert can prevent DFSA and keep your campus safer.

We appreciate all law enforcement and department of public safety officers and leaders for your hard work and dedication to crime prevention and safety. We look forward to working with you!

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